Sheikh al-Habib condemns the killing & hostage-taking of westerners & calls on western governments to understand the true nature of the conflict & change their strategies to eliminate terrorism

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2014 / 09 / 25

Sheikh al-Habib has strongly condemned the killing and hostage-taking of westerners by the terrorist so-called “Islamic State” (IS), reiterating that such practices are completely contrary to the true teachings of Islam.

Sheikh al-Habib said: “Since when was the killing of an aid worker such as David Haines an acceptable act in Islam? Since when was holding an aid worker such as Alan Henning and a journalist such as John Cantlie as hostages and using them as a pressure card an Islamically approved act?”

His eminence has expressed his strong condemnation against such practices committed in the name of Islam, believing that the so-called “Islamic State” and other terrorist and criminal groups of its likeness are the “major enemy of Islam today”. He has called on to make every effort possible in order to save the lives of these hostages and free humanity from the evil of such terrorist groups.

In this context, Sheikh al-Habib has described the western governments to have not yet understood the nature of the conflict with terrorism and terrorists, therefore they fail in their strategies to ultimately eliminate this evil.

Sheikh al-Habib said: “the mere implementation of airstrikes with the support of middle-eastern forces on the ground would not destroy this group, neither would the use of American or European troops on the ground to confront the militants completely destroy the terrorists even if it results in victories being achieved in the field and the elimination of the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. This would be similar to what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq before. Even though Taliban regime was ousted, Usama Bin Laden was killed and so alQaeda in Iraq was eliminated, but fairly soon later new terrorist groups were born again and were able to regain control over large parts of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan. Today, one may say that the current terrorist groups are much stronger than how they were after the major military operations that took place in Afghanistan and Iraq”.

He added: “This abortive strategy, which is adopted by western governments today, only cripples the terrorist move but does not destroy it. The so-called Islamic State would be eliminated through successive number of strikes but this would certainly not destroy terrorism completely despite the way officials would flaunt about achieving victories as previously happened. In a matter of a few years, new terrorist groups would regather their strength again and be able to reform new cells and then begin to gradually expand. But this time they would be stronger, more intelligent and much more experienced as they would avoid previous mistakes in confronting with the west.

The so-called Islamic State group is an example of this as it has developed from previous experiences and started to follow a new strategy not only on the combat level but also on the financial and informational levels as well as the way they propagate their ideologies. This has majorly helped towards its rapid growth, ability to absorb potential shocks and increase in its mass credit, despite being such a recently born terrorist group!”

His eminence further explained: “Why is it that whenever we put effort into fighting terrorism to the extent that we think that we have managed to destroy it completely we find it coming back again in a different form? This is due to inadequate strategy adopted indeed. Western governments have not yet understood the nature of the conflict. It is not a matter of fighting those terrorists only but it involves a religious and ideological conflict. As long as there is support for this terrorist tendency, terrorism will not disappear.

Terrorists would take this support from the teachings and ideologies of the religion they follow, which is the Bakri version of Islam (known as Sunni Islam). A quick look into the religious traditions of this version would be enough to reveal the immense amount of teachings that promote terrorism and criminality in the name of Jihad and holy war. These teachings came in the form of prophetic sayings or jurisprudential rulings, which are still being taught in many middle-eastern countries today”.

His eminence added: “The more religious the Bakri individual becomes, the more intolerant he will become towards coexistence and the more he will incline towards criminality and terrorism. This is because the teachings of his religion encourages him to become a terrorist. This is a fact that cannot be denied”.

What is the solution then? Sheikh al-Habib says: “Westerners believe that the solution lies in promoting what they call the “Moderate Islam” and supporting clerics, who would speak about moderation, coexistence and peace…etc. They tend to pressure their allies in the middle-east such as Aal Saud into confronting extremists and clearing the religious education system from what promotes terrorism. This has all happened and money were spent on this, but has it really solved the problem?

Certainly not, this is because when the Bakri individual becomes more religious, he finds no consistency between the “Moderate Islam” and his genuine religious texts. He would not be convinced by the Islamically “Moderators” own bent interpretations of these texts. He deems it a “deliberate corruption” encouraged by the west. He would therefore hold enmity towards those, who he believes to have corrupted the religion for the sake of the “infidels”! He would then condemn them for apostasy and consider them eligible to be killed! This is the reason why you find al-Qaeda, IS and al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups seeking to bring down the middle-eastern governments. This is why those clerics, who promote the “Moderate Islam” lack popularity amidst Bakris”.

He then warned about an important matter when he said: “Disengaging Wahhabism, for example, and the so-called Sunni Islam would not help either. Wahhabism is certainly more closer to the heart of the religious Bakri individual, who calls himself a Sunni, because he finds it adhering more to the religious texts he believes in. This is why you find Wahhabism expanding, in its different forms, amidst the religious Bakris, even though they might not have been raised and grown up in a Saudi Arabian Wahhabi environment, or the Egyptian or Nigerian environments, but in Britain for instance.

Is it not strange to see an originally white British individual converting to Islam and then ending up as a Wahhabi because he wants to fully be committed to this religion? This is the reality of the matter. Despite having grown in a civilised environment of religious tolerance, despite having been born into a non-Muslim family, he would still become a Wahhabi once he delves into the teachings of the Bakri version of Islam. This is because Wahhabism means a rigorous word-by-word commitment to the Bakri version. We should therefore not find it strange when we find an originally English person, for instance, having converted to Wahhabism and having become a terrorist fighting alongside the militants of the so-called Islamic State. This is exactly what his religion calls him for!”.

According to the viewpoint of Sheikh al-Habib the solution is: “to understand the true nature of the conflict. The west should understand that the ultimate relief from the evil of terrorism in the world can only be achieved through presenting the religious alternative to Muslims, meaning through searching for the genuine and authentic version of Islam, in which you find no teachings of terrorism or criminality in its texts.

Despite holding firm to its fundamental principles, it prohibits the acts of violence and enjoins a broad peaceful coexistence. It makes a clear distinction between dealing with people of different faith groups and their beliefs. It might be sharp when criticising their beliefs in religious debates, but at the same time it is very humanitarian and forbearing when dealing with them personally. This version is called the “Rafidhi Islam”. It follows the teachings of the holy household of the prophet of Islam Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure family). It is stronger than the “Bakri or Wahhabi Islam” since it is historically more mature and has closer link to the prophet.

The more committed and adherent a person is to this version of Islam, the more compassionate and forbearing he is with whom he disagrees on matters of faith and ideology. This is what the teachings of this version require its followers to be like. However, no matter how much we try to take away the Wahhabi tendency from the Bakri version of Islam, we will not succeed because the real problem lies in its genuine texts and resources. It is therefore necessary to replace them with alternative texts to represent the intellectual and religious authority for Muslims”.

Sheikh al-Habib concluded his speech by saying: “All western governments have to do is abandon their alliance with the religious Bakri governments such as the government of Aal Saud, and allow us to work freely to replace the “Bakri Islam” with the “Rafidhi Islam”. Bakri governments have been hampering our efforts to spread Shia Islam. They seek to either arrest converts from Bakrism to the “Rafidhi Islam”, or persecute them and prevent any conversion and freedom of religious choice. These governments gain their strength from its alliance with western governments. This what makes humanity pay the price and bear losses every day”.

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