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 Sheikh al-Habib condemns the killing & hostage-taking of westerners & calls on western governments to understand the true nature of the conflict & change their strategies to eliminate terrorism

 Sheikh al-Habib calls on the believers to join the Islamic Rafedhi Conference

 English Researcher interviews Sheikh Yasser al-Habib in the Minor Land of Fadak

 Sheikh al-Habib condemns the inequitable sentence against the Shia activist Amr Abdullah

 The minister of religion of the Free Church visits his eminence Sheikh al-Habib

 Abu Dhar.. an active online preacher reveals to alQatrah team his conversion story to Shia Islam after being a Christian

 Sheikh al-Habib presents a deduced religious view on the characteristics of a leading Marji' for the Ummah to determine which Marji' qualifies to lead in the future

  Sheikh al-Habib in the first weekly lecture in the Minor Land of Fadak: "Amongst the characteristics of the governance of noble people bringing the virtuous ones to the forefront & declaring the state's policies based on Ijtihad

 A Somali, a Hijazi, an Omani and a Moroccan lady declare their conversion to Shia Islam during Sheikh al-Habibs live show on the martyrdom anniversary of Hamza, The Lion of Allah

 Sheikh al-Habib condemns Egypt bloodbath & informs the Brotherhood of their violation of their faith principles

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 Fadak TV is now available on Hotbird

 Khoddam al-Mehdi (peace be upon him) to Sheikh al-Subhani: There is no more crucial issue facing this nation than befriending Aisha

 Announcement: Fadak TV is moving to an interim frequency

 Statements from the office of Sheikh Yassir al-Habib to the chief reporter of the independent newspaper

 Sheikh al-Habib commenting on the telephone call report of Badr al-Mishary: We call the Shi'as of the world to internationally criminalise the Wahabi ideology!

 Announcement: The office sets up an official account for Sheikh al-Habib on Twitter

 ‪Sheikh al-Habib calls upon the believers resident in Europe to take part in a mass procession in London‬

 Sheikh al-Habib condemns the attack by Saudi Arabia's Commanders of evil on a Shi'ite girl

 Sheikh al-Habib Hails our Great Scholars Refusal to pay tribute to Fadlullah

 How to watch Sheikh al-Habib's lectures on TV & online




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 Sheikh Al-Habib's Muharram Speach 1435

 How was Islam corrupted? - 4

 How was Islam corrupted? - 3

 How was Islam corrupted? - 2

 How was Islam corrupted? - 1

 Is your Hijab that of Fatima or Aisha?

 Aisha The Mother of Monsters!

 Karbala Special

 Swedish brother, Adam, converts to Shia Islam

 Conversion of a French brother, Tomas to Shia Islam

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 Aisha is hanging by her legs in hellfire and eating her own flesh (7639)

 Why do shiites hate Umar Ibn al-Khattab!? (7297)

 Who killed the Prophet Muhammad? (7244)

 Footage of the opening ceremony of the new headquarters (7156)

 Romanian brother Julian Routarou announces his conversion to Shia Islam (6969)

 Sheikh al-Habib leads the call to prayer in the shrine of Abul Fadhil (peace be upon him) (6887)

 Islamic Beliefs - Episode 1 (6843)

 Condolence ceremony of Allamah Sheikh Fadel al-Fourati (6496)

 Footage of Sheikh al-Habib Muharram 1410 (6344)

 Islamic Beliefs - Episode 4 (6239)

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 How was Islam corrupted? - 4

 Sheikh al-Habib leads the call to prayer in the shrine of Abul Fadhil (peace be upon him)

 Spread the Light of Islam

 Islamic Beliefs - Episode 7

 Conversion of a French brother, Tomas to Shia Islam

 Islamic Beliefs - Episode 5

 Romanian brother Julian Routarou announces his conversion to Shia Islam

 Sheikh al-Habib's address to Aisha's supporters EP 3

 Karbala Special

 Aisha is hanging by her legs in hellfire and eating her own flesh





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 The principle of Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Evil from a Shia Rafidhi perspective- A Frank Method!

 The Liberation of the Shiite Individual - 1

 Do Not Mix your Belief with Injustice!

 The Imam (peace be upon him) is not out of sight, we have blocked our vision

 We can do without this Kind of ( UNITY)

 Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) The Miracle of Islam

 al-Zahra.. We shall be cleansed by her Wilaya

 Say Welcome to Fitna!

 Sheikh al-Habibs speech on 17th Ramadan 1432

 A Lesson from Imam al-Hasan: How Shall You Face a Dictator Alone?

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 A'isha was not a child when the Prophet (Allah's Peace and Blessings upon Him and His pure Family) married her

 How did Imam Ridha (Peace be upon Him) win his debate against the head of the Christians?

 Do Not Mix your Belief with Injustice!

 Story of Caesar's granddaughter who fell in love and embraced prison for her lover!

 Why do Shiites hate Omar Ibn al-Khattab?!

 al-Zahra.. We shall be cleansed by her Wilaya

 Khoddam Al-Mahdi (Servants of Al-Mahdi), Glory with tribulation!

 If God is Just and Merciful Why Are There Natural Disasters?

 Sheikh al-Habibs speech on 17th Ramadan 1432

 Sorry! There is violence but in Another Islam




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 What is the view on the authenticity of Dua-e-Saname Quraish?

 What is the ruling on smoking?

 What is the significance of Masjid al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock to Shi'ites?

 Would chest beating based on the Prophet's saying:

 How did Sayeda Fatima threaten to uncover her hair?

 Dua request for good health and Rizq

 Why mention Abu Bakr's ethnicity when Islam does not recognise the ethnicity of people

 I don't know how to pray

 Where in the Quran is the concept of Imamate mentioned?

 Is it permissible to recite the third Shahadah in Tashahud?

        . :  Random Q&A  : .

 Can you provide a list of the shia sects that have emerged?

 Would you please transliterate what you say in qunut?

 How could one possibly ward off magic?

 Did our Imams explicitly curse Abu Bakr & Umar?

 Did Imam Ali name his sons after Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman?

 Was Abu-Jahl the uncle of Omar bin Khattab and Khalid bin Waleed? Can you show us one of his misdeeds?

 How can a true muslim celebrate their wedding in this modern society?

 Why do Shias say that Fatima (peace be upon her) was the only daughter of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his pure family)?

 Is it confirmed in Bakri sources that Abu Bakr and his kinds used to curse Imam Ali?

 Does the verse that forbids performing prayers while intoxicated prove that Omar was faithful?






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